Due to the expansion of our digital piano and keyboard department we will be closing our guitar showroom at the end of August

Since taking over one of our competitors, who were one of the largest keyboard businesses in the UK -and significantly growing our websites sales, our keyboard department has developed from a local shop to a leading national dealer. Consequently we realise that we have to follow demand and adapt to the changing markets.

We would like to thank local guitarists for their support over the years, it was our pleasure to serve you, and we couldn't have done it without you. 

We are pleased to announce a large SALE now on in the guitar showroom- including brass, woodwind, strings and accessories "Everything must go"

You'll also be pleased to know that one of our staff members Lee Roberts will be setting up his own independent Guitar Accessories and Repairs business which will be located above the store next to our teaching studios (Lessons will continue as normal)

Current offers - subject to change without notice

(List is subject to change without notification)

Rectangle ABS Electric Guitar case £89 down to £39
Guv’nor Tenor Sax Gig Bag £25
ZT Lunchbox Amp Bag £5
Stagg Styro Hard Tenor Sax Case £69.99 down to £35
TKL Trumpet Case £59.99 down to £25
Stagg Alto Sax Gig Bag £59.99 down to £25
Alpha Sax Gig Bag £10
Woodshell Bass Ukulele Case £10
Gator Extreme Case £99 down to £50
Tiger Bass Case £30
Stagg Styro Hard Case £69 down to £39
Stagg Woodshell £79 down to £49
TGI Padded Gigbag £25.99 down to £12.99
TGI Slip Case £12.99 down to £7.50
Music Bags £6.99 down to £4
¾ Violin Styro Case £10

Squier Vintage Modified Strat £245 down to £195
Burny RSG 55 63 Heritage Cherry £499 down to £385
G&L S500 Stratocaster Olympic White £499 down to £389
Breedlove Solo Concert £799 down to £549
Dean PE Plus £299 down to £229
Aulos Descant Recorders £5
Tanglewood Java TWJPE £339 down to £279
Tanglewood TWJP £299 down to £245
Aria 12 String Dreadnought £249 down to £179
Carlsbro Viper 30 Bass Amp £149 down to £95
Fender Rumble 15 Bass Amp £125 down to £90
Vivace Alto Sax Outfit £399 down to £249
Alpha Alto Sax £399 down to £279
Artemis Clarinet Outfit £199 down to £139
Jupiter Student Clarinet Outfit £349 down to £279
Artemis Clarinet Outfit £199 down to £139

Coloured Beginner Ukes £15

Misc. Drum Skins
Remo Bass Drum Skins only £20
Non-Remo bass drum skins only £12
Remo other drum skins only £5
Non-remo other drum skins only £3.75

Foot Stools £3
Leatherette Straps £39.99 down to £20
Graphic straps £19.99 down to £12.50
Metronomes £39.99 down to £20
Drum Bits - 20p
Acoustic Strings - 50p
Lyres - £2
Tremelo Arms (Varied Threads) - £3
Single Violin Strings - 50p
Viola Strings - £1.50
Drum Keys - £1
Pick Holders - £1
Strap Locks - £1
Misc Bass Strings - £1
Stagg Wall Hangers £14.99 down to £7.50

Effects Pedals
Chord Floor Tuner £49 down to £30
Blaxx Looper £59 down to £45